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Characters: Amy (mom), Lucy (main character), Other mom (no name but you can add one if you want), Wish giver (also no name but you can add one), Teacher, Kid #1, Kid #2

(Lucy is sitting down in her house and doing her homework)
Lucy: There. Done with homework
Amy (Mom): Ok now go study. I have some worksheets that will make you have a jumpstart in math...
Lucy: MOM I don't need to know that stuff. We are not learning the stuff you are giving me.
Amy: Thats exactly why I'm giving you this. If I'm not giving you these worksheets you would do HORRIBLE in tests.
Lucy: mom I bet if I do my NORMAL studies I would STILL have good grades
Amy: I don't want to hear it young lady. Hurry up and start studying. Then go to bed (gives worksheets)
Lucy: UGHHH.
*Lucy goes straight to bed*

*lucy wakes up and pic's show her going down to the main room*
Lucy: Mom can I go to the festival today? Its going to last for a couple days.
Amy: (sigh) Ok.
Lucy: Yay!
*she goes outside to festival*
Lucy: Wow theres a lot of stuff here.
*She sees a tent and a sign pointing to it saying WISH GIVER*
Lucy: Hmm...I think I should check that out
*she goes in*
Lucy: Hello?
*lady is sitting on a chair and leaning on a table with a chair on lucy's side*
???: Hello. You want a wish correct? I am the wish giver.
Lucy: Yes I want a wish please.
Wish Giver: Very well... *she hands lucy a white card with a dot on it*
Wish giver: Press the red dot on the card and make the wish. The next day the wish will come true.
Lucy: OMG thank you so much
*she runs home*

Lucy: Hi mom im back
Amy: Hello lucy
*she goes up to her room*
Amy: Where are you going?
Lucy: My room
Amy: For what?
Lucy: umm...To study!
Amy: Oh good. Ok
Lucy: heheh .D
*she goes in her room*
Lucy: I wish I had another mom...A one that didn't make me study ...presses red dot on card...
Lucy: Ok now it should come true tomorow. I can't wait XD
*captions come on that say THE NEXT DAY...*
Lucy: Omg I can't wait...
*she goes to the living room*
Lucy: Hi um...Mom...
(NEW MOM): Hi Lucy. I already packed your lunch for school.
Lucy: :O Thank you mom! ...thinks... my REAL mom would never pack my lunch for me...she MAKES ME pack my lunch...
(NEW MOM): Bye Lucy.
Lucy: Bye .D
*she goes to school*
Teacher: Hello class. Tomorow we will have a huge test so be ready
Lucy: Heheh
Teacher: Lucy? Is there a problem?
Lucy: Uh no.
Teacher: ...Anyway. On with today...
*lucy hears some other kids talking*
Kid 1: Are you going to study for the test?
Kid 2: Yeah. Are you?
Kid 1: Of course.
Lucy: ...
*bell rings*

Lucy: *is at home*
(NEW MOM): Hi lucy. Do your homework and then you can do what you want.
Lucy: ...What I want?
(NEW MOM): Yes.
Lucy: Thanks!
*she goes to do her homework*
Lucy: Oh yeah...The test...Omg what am I saying. Like i'm going to study...
*she keeps on doing homework*
Lucy: I'm gonna go outside and play k mom?
Lucy: K bye * she goes outside *
*the next day*
Lucy: Bye mom
(NEW MOM): Bye
*Lucy goes to school*
*at school*
Teacher: Ok class here's the big test. Good luck
Kid #1: I'm gonna ace this heheh .D
Kid #2: Me too. I was studying all night.
Lucy: ...
Teacher: ...Passes out tests...
Lucy: ugh this is hard...
Teacher: Remember class you only have ten (tin) minutes to do this
Lucy: ...thinks... TEN (TIN) MINUTES???
Teacher: I will tell you when times up.
*time goes bye*
Teacher: Ok everyone times up.
Kid #1 and Kid #2: her the test...
Teacher: Thank you
Lucy: her the test...
Teacher: Thank you
Teacher: Oh yes. Also remember this is going to count for half of your grade
Lucy: Oh no...
Kid #1: Awsome
Kid #2: I'm gonna get good grades then .D

(Scene 5)
Lucy: Hi mom
(NEW MOM): Hello
Lucy: Mom I already did my homework at skull. Can I go to bed? I don't feel well .c
(NEW MOM): If you already did your homework then yes. Tell me if you need anything
Lucy: Ok...
(she goes to her room)
Lucy: What am I going to do???
(the next day)
(at school)
Teacher: Hello class. Today you will get your tests back.
Lucy: ...gulps...
Teacher: kid #1 and kid #2 thier tests...Good job both of you
Both of the kids: YESSSS
Teacher: ...give Lucy her test... Lucy if you don't do better on the redo of this test you will be held back.
Lucy: O . O WHAT???
Teacher: I'm sorry but...You got a really bad grade.
Lucy: .c
Lucy: What will I do... :O! Wait! Todays this last day of the festival...maybe...
*after school she goes to the festival and pic's show her running to the same tent*
Lucy: Hello?
Wish giver: Why are you here again? You only get one wish
Lucy: I need to undo my wish...
Wish giver: ...chuckles... I think you should have remembered to .Be careful what you wished for.
Lucy: I'm sorry i'm sorry...Just PLEASE
Wish giver: ...sighs... Fine. her a white card with a red dot in the middle...
Wish giver: Undo your wish with this
Wish giver: ...winks... Be careful out there
Lucy: I will .D (she goes back home)

(Scene 6)
(in lucy's room)
Lucy: I wish...I had my old mom back ...sqeezes red dot...
(the next day)
Lucy: ...Mom... ( she goes downstairs )
Lucy: Mom?
Mom: Yes Lucy? Hurry up and pack your lunch. The bus will be here soon.
Lucy: ...Ok mom.
Mom: Huh? Did you not talk back?
Lucy: Yes. Because I have learned my lesson
Mom: ...?


Writers note: Whew! That was a tough one :P It was filled with writers block, deleting and adding words, and other bad things writers do not like :( This is my longest movie I have ever written yet (6 scenes O_O) and let me tell you i'm proud of what I have done! I hope I will do more AWSOME movies that people can act in, in the future!

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